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Eight hundred and fiftieth chapter you want to leave it Gaokaidizou glory

Promise clan see the situation, the progress of the next round of negotiations is extremely smooth. Wu Chen side, very calmly changed before Xing Xing side of the cold, began to take the initiative to talk about the needs of Xing Xin Xing. Xingxin needs what? That regardless of the role of equipment, or material, leaf repair mind that are calculated before. Every penny should be spent on the blade, this is Ye Xiu Zhe again to come back when the style. Prior to the transaction and the reincarnation of two million materials, a variety of list of dazzling, but Ye Xiu carefully examine the existing available information on hand, little by little to knock out. Xing Xin clan, compared to many grassroots clan is indeed very strong.Cheap NFL Jerseys
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