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The eight hundred and fifty-two together become more powerful Gaokaidizou.

Chapter eighty-two together to become more powerful Chen Guo Wen Sheng looked up, both are micro Yizheng. They are not the first time to see, the last Wu Chen together with the security of the morning came to visit Xing Xin, Chen Guo and Ye have been received with repair. Hello. Chen Guo nodded Wu Chen morning greeting a bit, as the boss, of course, she knew Wu Chen will come to join them. Chen fruit to act resolutely, Wu Chen, of course, was soon referred to the crowd. This is Wu Chen, is before and we played against, the captain of the Promise clan. Chen Guo introduced to the crowd. Ye repair the last paragraph and Wu Chen online link constantly, but for others.Cheap NFL Jerseys
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